Montclair is home to a diverse population of entrepreneurs, artists, teachers, and everyone in between. It is also the second most economically unequal town in the state of New Jersey. As Montclair has thrived, portions of its population have not always seen the fruits of that success. Instead, an extreme imbalance is now embedded within its economic and social structures. This is why the Montclair Inequality Project has set out to look for the roots of the problem in order to find a lasting solution. The Project seeks to approach the issue of economic inequality from a couple of different angles. Firstly, it will be conducting research and gathering data from a wide variety of sources in order to put together the story of Montclair inequality. In the next phase, it will analyze this information in order to find the cause of the economic gap. Finally, the Project will use this analysis to develop a resolution that will work to provide a permanent improvement to the story of Montclair’s inequality. With the collective efforts of Montclair residents and institutions, the Montclair Inequality Project hopes to be a community-wide effort that yields community-wide benefits.

If you’d like to get involved, start by filling out the following survey and passing the link on to family/friends: bit.ly/MontclairIPsurvey.